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Winning English - Ep078 - More aphorisms and adages

August 12, 2021

Winning English - helping your English shine through the use of idioms, slang, and cultural references! 

Aphorisms go by many names, but they all are short statements intended to tell a truth about the world or teach a moral lesson. I gave you one batch in a previous episode, and here's another batch!

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Why Winning English?

Native speakers of any language use sayings and slang words all the time in business and everyday speech, but the meaning isn't always clear. Winning English is the solution!

If you are an intermediate to advanced English learner, Winning English helps you with these confusing parts of speech. Improve your comprehension of native English and start to sound like a native speaker, as well!

Thanks for your interest. Good luck with your learning, and talk soon!

Bill Poorman

Writer and host

Winning English

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